Gagan bio

This is Gagan Deep, the owner and founder of Zoom Creation. For me Zoom Creation is like dreaming with one’s eyes open.
Your fate and elders blessings pull you that way which you never thought of.
In 2013 i completed my intermediate and joined my father business and started learning photo printing and designing technique and as by time passed my father handed over the whole responsibility of that shop to me.
The phase from a student to a business man was not at all easy for me as i was continuing my graduation parallelly. Ebb and Flow came to my business but the fixity of purpose that ‘my dad handed over the responsibility to me and i did not wanted to prove him wrong about his decisions ever.So i tried my level best to sustain in the market and my shop ‘ZOOM STUDIO AND COLOR LAB‘is now running fabulously. So, while doing printing and designing i found my interest towards human photography too.
there is a proverb that when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it, which what happened to me.Somehow i got some friend circle who helped me in exaggerating my interest towards photography. Since then there is no turning back. The more i pursued it, the more i enjoyed it. I have been steadily growing my photography business through diligence, outside learning and through different experiences.
Our Indian culture, Custom inspires me to adapt to situations but to make my very own sort of photography too.
For me it is not just business, it is my passion and to make you people feel wonderful with pictures i click.