The desire to celebrate love and new beginning as a community are common to every marriage. But combine the two aspects- the collective vibes and the intimate emotions– that makes the bonding more strong and delightful.

An Engagement ceremony is an event to make official of your engagement together with your future spouse. Does it sound incomplete! It is not an engagement until and unless your close family and crazy friends are not there to collaborate it with you. An engagement ceremony also means to traditionally bring the two families closer together and so that the proposing groom to be can make an official statement to the bride to be’s family on his intention. Therefore, the success of the ceremony is significant as it is all about first impression.

Engagement Ring – the symbol of your perfect love, meant for no one else. In engagement ceremony Couple exchanges rings with one another, it is an outside gesture but deep inside through that ring they are tying the knot with each other, whom you have got chosen to be your life partner for whom you ought to care, have dedication and also responsibility. As the couple exchanges ring, makes the opposite an integral part of life and solemnly pledges to be united in both good and bad times.

The best part about childhood love is finding someone who can become your ally for all times. And once they got together nothing could keep them apart. And years and years later finally the instant came when they got engaged with proper rituals and family blessings. It sounds like a well written story, doesn’t it! In this case it happens to be true!  The love in their eyes are so palpable and they tied the note with a promise- as the bond heartbeat has with heart, soul with life similarly VIDUSHI and SUSHANT  are going to be together forever.

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